Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we have been asked!


What does Retorno mean?

In Spanish speaking countries there are signs along the road that say Retorno.  It means to get off the path, check where you are going . Do you need to turn around?  Or go straight ahead?  It's an opportunity to check your map and adjust the direction you are going, or confirm you are on the right road.  In this case, we are checking where we are spiritually as a couple.  Our map is the Word of God as written in the Bible.  Are we following God's will for us as a couple, or as a religious?

Is this ministry supported by the Diocese?  

Yes!!  Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson supports Marriage Retorno and has asked his diocesan pastors to also support us.  See the Diocese of Tucson website  under Marriage Resources for more information.

Who can come on the Marriage Retorno - Couple Prayer Retreat Weekend?  

Husband and wife couples of all denominations and mixed faiths.  The weekends are presented by a Catholic Priest and Catholic married couples.  Clergy and religious may attend the weekend as well.  For more information contact Kevin and Kathie Stogsdill at 520-722-2931. 

How did Marriage Retorno come about?

Marriage Retorno was created by a priest by the name of Fr. Gabriel Calvo and a group of married couples who had a great desire to deepen their Spiritual lives as a couple.  They wanted to approach God as a couple.  Before his ordination, Fr. Calvo was profoundly moved by the talk given by Pope Pius XII on the occasion of the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes in February 1952.  The Pope was calling all men and women to make a change.  To no longer evangelize salvation from outside the human condition.  He said " No, now we must approach the Divine through the human.  We must begin to enter more fully into the human situation and discover the divine within it.  " When married couples first approached Fr. Calvo for spiritual direction, he was hesitant, but the Pope's words still rung in his heart.  For many years, Fr. Calvo met with married couples and eventually the Marriage Encounter (ME) program was created in Spain, and later taken to the United States during a Christian Family Movement Conference.  (Fr. Chuck Gallagher saw the value in the program and created Worldwide ME.) However, many of the couples were not picking up the spiritual dimension of the Encounter.  Those that did take home the spiritual dimension wanted more.  They wanted to approach God in the oneness and unity of their Sacrament of Matrimony.  With the help of spirit and prayer-filled couples, Fr. Calvo created the second step of Marriage Encounter in the form of Marriage Retorno. The first English speaking MR was held in Ireland in 1970.  The Spirit used the priest and couples who made that weekend as the yeast for the growth of Marriage Retorno in the United States and Canada.  **