Comments on Marriage Retorno - Couple Prayer Retreat


Before the weekend, we never prayed together. Even grace before meals was a silent prayer done separately. Now we hold hands and pray out loud together. My God has become our God. The weekend opened up a whole new world of togetherness for us through Scripture and couple prayer."

(Manny & Emily - Tucson, Feb. 1996)

 "We had read the Bible before, but this is the first time outside of liturgies we ever used the Bible for prayer."

" We experienced our Marriage Retorno on February 14, 1997 and have not been the same since. We had been searching for a way to deepen our relationship with God. We read about Marriage Retorno in the church bulletin. We both were surprised at how much one weekend could enrich our lives as a couple and individually so deeply. We laughed, cried, held each other and forgave one another for hurts we didn't even know that we had caused each other. We talked and we listened to each other; but more importantly, we were able to listen to God. We discovered a God who was eager to talk to us and give us direction to our marriage, once we quieted ourselves and were ready to listen. The Marriage Retorno was our opportunity to take time away from our busy, scheduled lives. We discovered that in being still and letting God bring out the beauty in our marital relationship, we were able to love each other with His love, the way He intended it.” -- (Rene & Mary - Tucson, AZ)

 "We were inspired by and felt the support of other Christian couples."

 "No words can describe the totality of the awesome weekend we just had. God, once more, has exceeded our expectations. As He always does. We asked for a share of the gift of the Marriage Retorno, but He made Us the Gifts of ourselves to each other, not only as husband and wife, but as companions in the spiritual journey." .

 "To be honest, my wife and I were not very interested in attending but we are so glad God gave us the resolve to go. I can only think of one word to describe our experience - profound. We expected to learn about the role of the Holy Trinity in our marriage - we never thought we would EXPERIENCE the Holy Trinity so intimately!”

"Even the Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson has given us his support!"