What is Marriage Retorno - Couple Prayer Retreat


What is it?

Marriage Retorno means turning toward God as a couple.  The goal of Marriage Retorno is to provide an atmosphere, and context in which the couple can open themselves both as individuals and as a couple to a dialogue with God through Scripture.  It is a weekend prayer experience for husband and wife, facilitated by a married couple and a Catholic priest.  It provides participating couples with an opportunity for a renewal of their relationship as a couple with God.

Marriage Retorno - Couple Prayer Retreat is faithful to the Roman Catholic Church's teaching that marriage is a covenant that exists between one man and one woman.  Any reference to marriage of couple made by Marriage Retorno - Couple Prayer Retreat is in this context.

Who is it for?

Marriage Retorno is an experience intended for every married couple, man and wife, who wishes to deepen a sense of communion with one another and the Lord.  Marriage Retorno assumes that the husband and wife desire a deeper communion with one another and are hungry to deepen their relationship with the Lord as a couple.  

What it is NOT!

The weekend is not a "prayer group" experience, or a Scripture study course or Marriage Encounter type of weekend experience.  It does not encourage any particular apostolic endeavor.  

What happens on a Marriage Retorno- Couple Prayer Retreat Weekend?

The weekend consists of four basic moments; a period of reconciliations husband and wife; then three phases in which God is encountered through Scripture as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

RECONCILIATION - This is a period of writing and sharing between husband and wife about their marriage, the level of trust and opens in their relationship, and the barriers to deeper union with each other.

Three Phases of Listening

Through Scriptures and Opening the Heart to God's Word
Each Phase offers the couple time for individual reflection, writing, and sharing while listening as God speaks through Scripture.  There is time for:

  • Prayer alone
  • Prayer as a couple
  • Group sharing

The phases deal with finding the will of the Father, following the example of the Son, and becoming witnesses of God's love and unity through the Holy Spirit.